Notes of The School of Life

  • 在 YouTube 的 The School of Life channel 看到的,记下一些有趣的点。

Philosophical Meditation

  • About twenty minutes every few days.
  • First:
    • Accumulate a list of concerns you haven’t looked at head on, but have glimpsed in the course of the day.
  • Three questions:
    • what am i currently anxious about? all the detailed.
    • what am i upset about and whom? like talk to a patient friend.
      • what other explanations might there be for the hurt they have caused?
      • if this has happened to a friend, how would you advise him?
    • what am i currently excited and ambitious about?
      • what would it be to change your life in the light like this?
      • what might be missing in your life?
      • if this thing could change your life, what changes might it advise?
      • if other parts of your life were more like this, what might they be like?
  • Philosophical Meditation helps us by creating an occasion where we can identify our thoughts, and get them in some kind of order, and to know ourself properly.

How to be Confident

  • Take yourself as a fool, and start to make mistakes


  • The result of understanding our past and the dynamic shame, conditionality and humiliation that might lie there.
  • High-Esteem seems largely to be prize of psychology rather than the fruit of anything we might achieve out of the world in relation the economy.